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Defining Surface

Hallspace, Boston, MA

Installation view

Installation view

"Diane Ayott uses abstraction to dissect the English language. Layers of oil paint reflect the strata of meaning in a word or the complexity of a human life. She delves deep into the canvas to illustrate her personal definitions with each piece. The bright colors and sense of movement in Defining Surface offer a terrific energy boost in addition to the artist's metaphoric expressions...

The paintings layer dots upon dots; seeing through these transparent forms the viewer slowly notices new motifs. Moment to Moment presents orderly superficial grids and translucent spots with ovals skillfully placed underneath. As the viewer starts to make sense of the first image, another emerges in our peripheral vision, but with a darting glance it disappears. It may happen several times while viewing the same painting, but the mind refuses to stop trying to grab hold of that elusive illusion."

—Kristen I. Pounds
Art New England, Feb/March 2006

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