Writing at Penn Station
Love In December, Detail

My art is informed by both contemporary and modernist painting. I use acrylic and oil paint as well as various collage materials on paper, panel and canvas. I explore pattern and repetition, not for the sake of pattern and repetition but for the dream-like experience it offers me.

Over time, visual information accrues in my work. The meditative process sets up spatial relationships, and intriguing color vibrations. The overall begins to emerge and holds me in a kind of intimate conversation, yet it looms large. The skewed nature of the geometry dips into the awkward. Color relationships populate the surfaces.  It is in that complex space of relationships that I make art.

In some cases, the repeating patterns and vibrating color allow the mark making to shimmer and at other times the work pulls into a quiet and calmer feeling. I follow the direction of my work, and my intention is to express its individual clarity as completely as I can.

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